Cavemark Publications offers its services to students, graduates, university professors and independent scholars the ideal platform to showcase their academic, non-academic, technical, linguistic and scientific works to a wide range of audience.

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Comprehensive Editing and Proof Reading

Apart from publishing, we repair grammatical faults, spelling mistakes, punctuation, phrase lengths that are too long, and jargons in basic editing. In the process, the meanings are not changed. There is no attempt to change the writing styles of the authors. The simplicity of the sentences is carefully preserved. Proofreading is done to guarantee that the written internal file contains no errors or typos. In comprehensive editing, the editor not only corrects any visible faults (grammatical, spelling, and punctuation mistakes), but also rewrites phrases and paragraphs as needed to eliminate inconsistencies and ambiguities. The editor applies his or her knowledge to ensure that the document makes sense and that the wording is clearer and easier to comprehend.


Our house provides help to design an excellent research proposal for all kind of researches in existing disciplines. It is critical to create a research proposal before undertaking research, whether for an undergraduate project/essay, a dissertation, or a thesis. This will serve as a roadmap to help you stay on track as you conduct your research and attempt to answer the question(s) you've posed. Every university and college will have its own guidelines for this, but the resources we provide some very accessible overviews of how a research proposal works in general, followed by a list of examples from universities and colleges around the world.

Editing a Copy

The process of making a manuscript grammatically correct is known as copy editing. Grammar, spelling, tense, tone, and consistency are all checked by the editor.

Price per word Rs. 0.20 (20 paisa per word).

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