Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Which type of books do we publish?

A. Cavemark Publications offer a range of digital and printed products to suit different subject areas textbooks, school books, college books, law books, novels, magazines, journals, souvenirs, newsletters, periodicals, newspapers, bulletins, pamphlets, forms catalogs, diaries, calendars, posters, pictures, and stickers.

Q. How to publish a book?

A. Here are the steps to have your book published by a modern publisher:

1. Submit a proposal and standard academic CV

2. Editorial Review

3. Response from reviewers

4. Manuscript submission

5. Fill copyright form / Agreement

6. Interior Design (we will do the cover design and typesetting)

7. The Book is published!

8. Sales and Marketing

Q. What is Interior Design or Manuscript Formatting?

A. We will format your manuscript to make it print-ready. If you have handwritten notes, we can type them for you for an additional cost.

Q. How much money do authors make?

A. This depends on the quality of writing and its content and the reception of the text to the readers. It also depends on whether the authors by their writings add to the existing knowledge. In the modern world, authors are paid either by subscription of their writings or the royalty they get paid by the publishers after their printed copies are sold. It is completely determined by the quality content of the writers.

Q. Who will decide the price of the book?

A. Cavemark Publications team highly recommends going with the price suggested by them. But, the author has full independence to set the price of his/her choice.

Q. Who will hold the copyright?

A. The author and Cavemark Publications will hold the copyrights in all cases.

Q. What will be the author’s share when books will be sold?

A. That will be taken care of at the end of every financial year. The author's shares will be 50% excluding printing costs.

Q. What will be the printing cost of the book?

The printing cost of the book will depend on the following points:

o Number of pages

o Page quality

o Content color

o Binding type

Q. What is the default size of the books?

A. That will be decided at the time of agreement with the author.

Q. Can I make changes to my book after it gets published?

A. Yes. But, need to pay the new edition fee to update the database and publish the revised version. This will include the assignment of a new ISBN too.

Q. What is ISBN?

A. An International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a numeric code used to uniquely identify a book, publisher, edition, and whether it is an ebook, paperback, or hardcover. It makes life easier for booksellers, libraries, schools, book distributors, and anyone searching for a book to find it.

Q. What are the languages allowed by Cavemark Publications while publishing books?

A. CMP is capable of publishing books in any language.

Q. Do I need to come to the office directly to get the book published or can I get it done online?

A. Online. You may visit our office to have a cup of coffee.